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Festivals and Celebrations

St Ives is one of the UK's most popular locations to celebrate New Year's eve, with many people putting on fancy dress costumes. It's also a popular place for weddings and civil ceremonies.

The St Ives September Festival

takes place every year for 15 days, covering poetry, books, film, and music - including jazz, folk, classical, and rock. This popular Arts festival has run for over 30 years. Have a look at the September Festival 2013 programme and you can revisit the events of the St Ives September Festival 2012 programme here if you like.

St Ives Feast

celebrates St Ives being founded by St Ia, and happens each year on the Sunday and Monday nearest to the third of February. There's a procession to the well of St Ia, as well as traditional Cornish Hurling, played with a silver ball.

St Ives May Day

revives old May Day customs of West Cornwall. May Day is a traditional pagan celebration of spring and fertility with dancing and maypoles, and in the industrial era has been celebrated as the international day of solidarity of workers, and workers' rights.

St Ives Food and Drink Festival

is held in May each year for those who really enjoy eating and drinking in style. Details are available at their website at