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This is a primarily mobile site for phones and other mobile devices as well as computers. On a phone with a keypad you can usually get to the site's numbered links by pressing that number on the phone's keypad. You can dial or save numbers by clicking on them, and at the base of each page is a QR barcode which you can scan to save a link to the site or pass it to friends. Mobile is increasing how people access the internet, particulary when travelling and in holiday destinations such as Cornwall. Sites that don't work on mobile turn away visitors, who may be customers.

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You can test this site with the official W3C mobileOK checker where it scores 100%, or with Dotmobi's mobile readiness tester where it gets top marks, scoring 5 out of 5 . We are pleased that our site is now listed in's showcase of exemplary mobile sites which meet their high standards and deliver a good user experience across a range of devices and screen sizes. And thanks also to for the nice writeup of So on mobile maybe that makes you the official guide to Saint Ives 官网 .

Let us know how you like our site and what you'd like to find on here, and let us know if you'd like to be listed or if you need your own mobile site done. Valid, lightweight code and mobile-friendly design bring real usability and SEO advantages to any site today. So does speed, which is now an SEO factor and can be tested with the Google Pagespeed Tool where our site typically scores incredibly close to 100% with 99 points awarded out of a possible 100. Results given there can now vary from day to day due to the new, idiosyncratic inclusion of current server speed.

This site respects your privacy and does not collect personal information. To improve the site and the visitor experience, we do automatically collect freely available general statistical information about browser types and pages viewed, as most sites do. We do not collect or store any personal information from you, but we use a third party analytics service from Google Analytics to monitor site performance but they do not capture full IP addresses of visitors to this site or any other personal information, and they do also offer their own opt-out as well from all Google Analytics tracking. Some pages on the site may display changing advertisements supplied by the Google Adsense program if you consent to the use of cookies.

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And we really appreciate it if you link to us so everyone can find us in Saint Ives, in Cornwall, and around the wide world.

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The St Ives harbour image at the top of this and other pages is thanks to Crazy Eddie under a Creative Commons licence.